29 September 1883: Severe Weather

Brighton Gazette

29th September 1883

BUT it is not alone Hove and Brighton that is suffering from this singular oceanic freak. All the way from Selsea Bill to Dungenom the cry is the same. Poor little Bognor is on the verge of hopeless inundation, Worthing is in constant jeopardy, Lancing we believe still exists intact; but even at Littlehampton, where there is generally such a tedious stretch of land between the shingle and fair bathing depth, there is danger in the air. Everybody who has visited Littlehampton must know the fort on the west side of the harbour. At the best of times it does not look a very formidable structure, but now, we are informed, that so disrespectable has Neptune been that he has sapped and mined this Arun mouth-protector that it would be dangerous to attempt heavy gun firing until some extensive structural alterations are made. Happily there is just now no fear that “the French are coming.” They have other fish to fry in warmer climates at the present time, and before they have settled their little difficulties in Tonquin and Tamatave, the proper authorities will see that the entrance to the Duke of Norfolk’s (illegible) will be more effectually protected.

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