The Penny Illustrated Paper Saturday, June 20, 1863

“The third annual prize meeting of the Sussex Volunteer Association was held at the Littlehampton Fort Government ranges on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of June. The competitors for the prizes on the first two days were enrolled volunteers and the disembodied militia of the county. All the prizes were shot for with three-grooved Enfield rifles of bona-fide Government pattern (1853), Government ammunition, Hythe position, Wimbledon scoring. The prizes were distributed by Lord West. Ensign Padwick, of the 7th Sussex (Horsham) Corps, carried off the county cup, value £25, and the bronze medal of the National Rifle Association, making 31 marks for seven shots, each at 700 and 800 yards range. The competition for the Littlehampton cup, value £15, was very exciting and extremely good; thirty-seven competitors made more than a point a shot; and the winner of the cup, Staff-Sergeant Daintrey, 4 bulls-eyes and 8 centres in seven shots. On the whole the shooting was superior to that of the two previous meetings.”

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