The Standard (London, England), Friday, December 16, 1859


Aldershot- The musketry instruction of the several battalions composing the division of the Army at Aldershot from time to time during the year 1858-59 has procedded steadily and well and the results of the shooting except in the Oxfordshire and North Cork Rifle Militia Regiments are satisfactory. The 2d Battalion 4th and 67th Regiment did not complete their courses of rifle training. I would remark that the 2d Battalon of the 4th was removed to aldershot from Chichester where for some time no range was available. At Littlehampton a portion of the practice was performed, but owing to the limited barrack accomodation only 40 men were practiced at a time. The 67th Foot was prevented from completing the course of practice by their removal to India.

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