16 June 1859: News Article

Brighton Gazette

16th June 1859

LETTING OF THE LITTLEHAMPTON TOLLS. – These tolls, which, at the sale, were put up, as usual, at the price for which they were last let (when there happened to be competition, which led to an advance of £30 upon all previous lettings), were bought in by the Trustees, there being no no bidding. Several offers having been since made, Mr Harvey, the late contributor, is the purchaser, by private contracts, for the sum of £296. A question was heard before the Arundel Bench on Tuesday, to decide the legality of the Lessee of the Ferry Tolls demanding tolls from a contractor for the supply from Littlehampton of fire wood, for the use of the soldiers at the Fort, on the other side of the river. The exemption clause of the Ferry Act includes the passage over of “ordinance barrack, or commissariat, or other public stores, of or belonging to Her Majesty, of for the use of Her Majesty’s forces.” Some doubt being felt by the Bench as to fire-wood for the use of Her Majesty’s forces being stores, and the contract not having been put it, the matter stands over for a further hearing.

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