Lyttelton Times (New Zealand) , Volume V, Issue 323, Page 8, 5 December 1855


Works of considerable importance for the defence of the southern coast are now in progress in Sussex, the expenses of which were set down in the Ordnance estimates at £10,000. From Romney, in Kent, to Newhaven, there are 74 martello towers, which were erected when England was threatened by the first Napoleon. They are about a quarter of a mile apart, about 35 feet high, and fitted for one gun on a dwarf traversing platform. Each of these is calculated to hold 12 men, and underneath are magazines and stores. Near Eastbourne is the Langley Redoubt, mounting six 8inch guns; and the Circular Redoubt at Eastbourne mounts eleven 24 pounders. At Blatchington and Newhaven new fortifications are also being erected. The latter place is becoming a port of considerable importance, and at the mouth of the harbour extensive works are in course of construction. They are to present an angular front to the sea; internally there will be brickwork. The batteries will be composed of earthwork 30 feet thick, rising two feet above the level of the eastern pier. The dimensions of the works are 112 feet from each of the angles in the interior. The magazines are of brickwork, and 50 feet square. Each front of the batteries will mount 3 guns of heavy calibre on swivels. At Brighton there is a battery of six 24 pounders, and thence to Little Hampton the coast is unprotected. At the latter place new fortifications have just completed and armed; six field pieces were also placed there lately for the use of the Sussex Artillery Militia.

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