Morning Post, Thursday 22 March 1855

From Shoreham to Littlehampton, a distance of some 16 miles, the coast is open to any invader, there being not the slightest protection either on the coast or inland. At Littlehampton defensible barracks and a five gun battery, capable of containing 40 men and two officers, and the proper complement of non-commissioned officers, has just been completed on the west side of the harbour . Messrs Lock and Neasham (sic) of 68 Theobald’s -road London built the barracks under the superintendence of Captain Fenwick and Mr Bryson foreman of works in the Royal Engineer Department. A glacis is in the course of construction by Mr Bushby in the rear of the barracks. This new battery was erected on the western side of the harbour in consequence of there being a greater range of beach. It enfilades the beach east and west, and is considered ample protection for the harbour. In case of attack on the townside, two guns will be placed for the protection of the inhabitants. Yesterday se’nnight (sic) Captain Prentice and Lieut. Tredcroft of the Norfolk Militia Artillery, with a detachment of 40 men, arrived from Great Yarmouth to do duty at this port.

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